This is a customer that allows you to capitalize costs to machines currently in your fleet. With this method, you will only need to open a sales order, assign the correct customer, assign the machine, and add parts. This will then reflect the capitalized costs within the machine's balance sheet.

    1. First, you will need to create a new customer, we recommend naming that customer Internal Capitalization. When creating them, you will need to set the customer type to CapCostByVendor.
    2. Next, you will create a sales order and set the customer to your capitalization account.
    3. Next, you will search for the machine you wish to capitalize the costs too. The machine search will only filter for machines that are not sold or deleted when the capitalization account is the customer.
    4. Finally, when parts are added and the sales order is moved to delivered, you can navigate to the machine dashboard and find those capitalized costs under the balance sheet.
  • If there are more than just parts that you want to post, you can create a work order for the machine and set the bill to the customer as your capitalization account.
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