1. Check that the customer is not in QuickBooks before inputting. If they haven’t had an account in the past they shouldn’t be in QuickBooks, but it is good to check anyway.
  2. If they are not already in QuickBooks Online, you will need to add them.
  3. Once the customer is added in QuickBooks, go to the Accounting page in Flyntlok and click the Load Customers button.
  4. Last, you will want to set the QB ID on the customer to the customer that you just created in QuickBooks Online. To do that:
    • Head to the customer's dashboard in Flyntlok.
    • Click the actions drop-down and click edit.
      1. Add their accounts payable contact phone to the Accounting Contact field.
      2. Add their accounts payable contact email to the Email field.
      3. Set the Has Account field to Yes.
      4. Set the QB ID field to that customer that was created in QuickBooks.
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