You will want to use your company's Internal Equip Cost of Sale customer. If you do not have this customer set up, please reach out to Flyntlok!

This customer will allow you to apply a cost of sale directly to a machine, you can do this from a sales order or from a work order.

    1. You will need to create a sales order and set the customer to the cost of sale account.
    2. Next, you will use the machine searcher to find the machine you wish to post the cost of sale against. When the cost of sale customer is assigned to a sales order, the machine searcher will allow you to filter through only the machines that are sold.
    3. After parts are added to the sales order and it is moved to delivered, you will be able to see those expenses under the machine’s balance sheet as a cost of sale.
  • If there are more than just parts that you want to post, you can create a work order for the machine and set the bill to the customer as your cost of sale account.
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